Paco Herrero Secrets

Putting roots in Elda (Spain), the land where we started making our shoes in 1955 until today. The work, together with the talent, contribute to preserve our eagerness for the quality and the design. For more than 60 years our shoes have been a reflection of our personality. A character that is marked by our origins and by raising femininity to the maximum expression.

Designs with soul and personality

Pursuing the spirit of special things, our designs have soul. From the trends, we are inspired and we elaborate with time and care our collections to achieve emotions.

Our expert craftsmen adjust the design to the last, and from there through the new technologies we manage to make a careful process of scales.

In Paco Herrero every woman will find the last of her shoe. We seek comfort, always in trend with fashion.

Careful selection of leather


We carefully select the leather to obtain the best result. Current, soft and natural leathers. Once selected these leathers we proceed to cut them, depending of the type of leather, we use a manual or traditional cutting method or a cut applying the new technologies that is done by computer and machine.

Stitching stitches

Once the different pieces have been cut, the shoe will begin to take shape in the trimming process.

Mounted chain

In this section we dress the last with the cut already trimmed and proceed to the assembly of the same so that it is perfectly tight to the last.

Then the rest of the components (floor plant, heel and floor) are incorporated and attached until the shoe takes its final shape.

Finishing section

We complete the manufacturing process with thorough cleaning of the leather. Giving natural finishes to the skin with the use of products that are respectful with the environment.

Before shipment to our customers all production passes a strict revised BY OUR EXPERT PERSONNEL, so that all shoes comply with the quality Paco Herrero.

Sublime result

Creating a shoe Paco Herrero is a totally artisan process, carried out entirely in Spain. To obtain a sublime result and excellence in the production of shoes, boots, stilettos, booties, sandals, salons and wedges of our collection, we need high quality materials, and skilled hands with many years of experience.

The result of an artisan process

Environmental responsibility

We manufacture with responsibility, trying to preserve our environment using natural materials and respectful with the environment. Natural creams and brushes, eco-friendly glues, chrome-free leathers, nickel-free buckles and other elements that guarantee sustainable and durable fabrication.

We contribute to minimize the emission of toxic gases and waste, taking care of the environment and guaranteeing the safety of our workers.