Paco Herrero

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More than 60 years of experience in the footwear sector, manufacturing a shoe of renowned quality and betting all seasons by fashion. The great seal of quality of Paco Herrero resides in the work “Made in Spain” that includes the dedication and perfection of a good job.

Origin Artisan

PACO HERRERO was created in 1955 by Francisco Herrero Soriano, a native of the town of Sax (Alicante), but from an early age was linked to Elda, and it was in this town that he realized his dream of creating a footwear factory exclusively for women.

The first business activity of Paco Herrero began with the handmade manufacture of footwear, which was carried out in some premises of the street Agustín Cavero. Subsequently the work was continued on a warehose in Fray Luis de Granada in 1968, and it is since May 1998, at Avenida del Mediterráneo of ELDA, where it continues to make that dream come true that one day our grandfather started and now we continue with the help of others.


circulo paco herrero

New Generation

At present, the management of PACO HERRERO is in the hands of the third generation of the founder. They are the grandsons of Francisco Herrero; Joaquín and Mª Belén Puche Herrero, who have taken the reins of the business. From modern facilities they have managed to improve the organization and productivity of the whole company and the people who are part of it.

Our Own Style

We appreciate the art of making with your hands and the quality that can only be achieved in this way. Since we started our handmade shoe manufacturing in 1955, this knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation, resulting in a fashionable and quality lady’s shoe. In more than 60 years PACO HERRERO has not lost sight of its roots, with main emphasis both today and yesterday, in a craft process and in the experience that result in a lady’s shoe that combines design and quality, which is achieved, With a handmade shoe and controlled by expert hands that are part of the manufacturing process.

60th Anniversary

In 2015 PACO HERRERO celebrated its 60th anniversary, having established its position as a recognized brand in the footwear sector, constantly betting on fashion as a way of difference. This has led to the consolidation of the objective public , loyalty to a consumer who associates fashion and quality as a distinctive shoe comfort and quality for women.